The Tevony® Story


The Start of Tevony®

Tachbisha® was invented by our father Eli, pictured here at age 9, in biology class. Eli was always fascinated with the human body, the importance of natural foods, and the benefits they have to our health. In this photo, Eli is writing the word “Teva” on a chalkboard, which means "nature" in Hebrew. Years later, his daughter will have named the company Tevony, which means "natural" in Hebrew. And that's where it all began.

"Eli was always known for his outstanding love, passion and devotion to his family and friends."


From His Roots

Influenced by his Mediterranean roots, Eli devised a combination of turmeric, garlic, olive oil, and a secret blend of the finest spices to come up with a healthy, versatile sauce to use with almost any meal, and he named it Tachbisha®

Family History

Healthier Lifestyle


As all newly married couples, who gain those dreaded extra pounds, Eli decided to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. He found that using Tachbisha® at every meal helped enhance the flavor of his meals which added natural benefits of garlic, turmeric and lemons.

Continuing Traditions


Eli's daughter and the current Tevony® CEO, Hagit, is very close with her parents. Eli taught her how to run a business from a young age to follow in his footsteps.

Creating Memories


Eli started creating traditions and gatherings because family means everything to him. He felt his sauce was a way to create happy memories with loved ones, at every meal.


1st Tachbisha® Batch

Hagit was inspired by her six daughters to take her father's famous sauce recipe that everyone loved so much and bottle it.


Going Commercial

Just a few months later, Hagit was able to move into a new location with automated machinery solutions to make the sauce creation and process go much faster.


Sofi™ Award Winner

Only one year after breaking into the market and out of 2,600+ specialty food businesses, the Tachbisha® Gourmet Sauce won a Sofi™ award for New Product of the Year in Salsa and Dips.

Help From Others

Support & Love

Hagits love and support from her family is what keeps her motivated to bring Tachbisha®   to all families around the world.

Caring for Family

Although Eli originated Tachbisha®, he currently focuses on caring for his children and grandchildren while his daughter conquers the food industry with his one-of-a-kind sauce.

Tevony® Breakthrough

In 2018, the first taste test occurred at the Javits Center in New York City. Then and there, Tevony® officially entered the market.

Women Owned
and Operated


Tevony's passion is to continue sharing Eli's love with others through his original secret recipe to gather more families around the table.

Tevony® is currently a women-owned and operated business, founded by Eli's daughter, Hagit, and her six daughters.

"Tachbisha® is an easy to use, delicious and original recipe that is made from exotically familiar ingredients. "

Tevony® CEO, Hagit Needelman

Thank you for joining the Tevony® family

We can't wait to continue expanding our line to bring you new, delicious sauces.