Distributor Opportunity

Interested in distributing our products?

We are actively working on expanding our product line to developing new products that are made from all-natural ingredients.

Tevony® Opportunity

We are looking for highly motivated manufacturer's representatives and distributors in the USA and worldwide to expand our product line among the specialty gourmet food industrial markets. 

Tevony® was developed from the desire to create happiness and the belief of making healthier choices. We stand for what we believe in. Our main goal is to spread the love we have, and at the same time share the opportunity to create more happy memories in life.

By working with external partners, we strive to develop new business opportunities and continue working on new products for the specialty food industry.

If you have interest or questions in regards to partnering with Tevony®, please fill out the form below. Tell us about your existing business and why you are interested in our products.

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