The Tachbisha Story


The Tevony journey started from the idea of taking our family's secret recipe for Tachbisha, which was invented over 40 years ago by our father Eli, to the next level and share the goodness of it with the world.

Tachbisha was created out of Eli's burning desire to make the greatest, healthy and tasty sauce that was ever made. Tracking back to his Mediterranean roots, Eli devised a combination of turmeric, garlic, olive oil and a secret blend of the finest spices, and thus, Tachbisha was born.

Eli was always known for his outstanding love, passion and devotion to his family and friends.  When he created this unique recipe for his BBQ dishes, it was loved by all, but most importantly, it always brought the family together.

Tevony's passion is to continue sharing Eli's love, to share his secret recipe with others and to gather more families around the table. Tevony is a women-owned and operated business, which was founded by Eli's daughter and her six daughters.

Our name says it all... Tevony is Tasty, Easy to use, Vegan, Original, Natural and Yummy!